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Whether at sea for work or pleasure, a shipboard incident can cause devastating harm. Meister Law is committed to providing our clients with top-quality legal representation in all types of maritime law issues.  Attorney Tonya Meister is a Florida board certified specialist in admiralty and maritime law.  She represents clients from around the world in cases throughout state and federal courts in Florida as well as foreign arbitrations. Attorney Meister has served in leadership positions of important legal organization’s admiralty sections, lectured at maritime education programs, and has been published in scholarly maritime materials. Attorney Meister has represented seafarer ministries throughout the United States as well as an international seafarer union to protect crew members’ legal rights.  She has also participated in a landmark case before the United States Supreme Court that helped to protect the rights of seafarers around the world. Attorney Meister has been recognized as a Florida Super Lawyer.


Attorney Meister’s experience in maritime law is unparalleled. She has devoted her entire career to helping boaters, crew members, cruise passengers, seafarers and maritime disaster victims obtain justice. You can rest assured that Attorney Meister has the dedication, experience and skill to help you secure the best possible results.  With over fourteen years of experience helping individuals who have been hurt on the water, Attorney Meister has earned a reputation for delivering counsel that is:

  • Knowledgeable Specialist on Maritime Law — Board certified in Admiralty and Maritime law by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization & Education, Attorney Meister provides her clients with extensive knowledge. She also has served in a variety of leadership positions in the maritime legal field, including as a former chair of American Association of Justice’s Admiralty Law Section and The Florida Bar’s Admiralty Law committee. Attorney Meister handles complex maritime legal matters to help secure the best result for her clients.
  • Trustworthy, Responsive & Caring — Each Meister Law client receives personal attention and respect.  Attorney Meister explains your legal rights and the legal process.  Meister Law only represents individuals harmed by ship/boat owners and employers.  We are dedicated to getting the best result for you!  We understand you are going through a difficult time and do our very best to bring your case to a timely, successful conclusion.  Your case will be handled from start to finish by a qualified attorney who truly cares about your welfare.
  • Experience & Strength — Attorney Meister has diligently sought justice for her clients for over fourteen years.  As a former seafarer and avid boater she understands the unique aspects of being at sea.  The combination of her practical maritime experience combined with her maritime legal expertise and experience provides her with special insight to maritime incidents.  She is a strong advocate that fights for the rights of her clients.  She vigorously pursues a successful outcome for each individual client.

Meister Law provides a free initial consultation and handles most cases on a contingency basis, so you do not pay legal fees or costs until and unless you secure a financial recovery.


Meister Law represents clients from around the world in litigation relating to:

  • Boating incidents — If you have been hurt or your loved one was killed in a boating accident, Attorney Meister has the expertise and skill in maritime law to help you navigate the legal complexities for the maximum compensation.
  • Cruise ship passengers  injuries — Attorney Meister assists victims of cruise ship injuries and death from various types of incidents, including trip/slip and falls; bad medical care; sexual assault/rape; and shore excursions.
  • Seafarers’ legal rights — As a former seafarer, Attorney Meister understands the unique challengers of working at sea.  She stands up for seafarers’ legal rights when crew members are injured or killed; do not receive timely pay or employment benefits; and are wrongfully terminated.  She represents seafarers in all industries, including those working on yachts, cruise ships, tugs, cargo ships, ferry boats, casino boats, etc.
  • Admiralty and maritime law — In a full range of admiralty and maritime law matters, Meister Law has a proven track record of success in Florida state and federal courts as well in foreign and domestic arbitration.
  • Marine environmental law — Meister Law advises clients on marine environmental law issues so that both natural resources and individual interests are protected.

Complicated rules and jurisdictional issues often frustrate victims of maritime incidents. Attorney Meister will clearly explain your legal rights and offer a comprehensive evaluation of your case.  If you have a claim arising from a maritime injury, Attorney Meister has the dedication, experience and skill to maximize your chance for a favorable result.

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