How to Find the Right Person to Repair Your Computer

Have you ever run into a problem on your computer that you couldn’t fix yourself? 

Sometimes, electronics break. And it can be very frustrating. Here’s how to find someone to fix your computer, no matter what kind it is:.


Apple Devices

I always recommend Apple devices to my less tech savvy friends and family members. The first reason is that you have somewhere you can take your iPhone, iPod, or computer when something goes wrong. Apple devices are built incredibly well, and their operating systems are probably some of the easiest to use. However, Apple products are far more expensive than their Windows counterparts. A computer with the exact same specifications could be half the price of its Apple counterpart.


I recommend Apple, though, because they have a great support network behind them. At any given Apple store, you can make an appointment online if something goes wrong with your computer where an Apple Genius, which is what they call their specialists, will take a look at your device and help you with it. If there’s something physically wrong with your device, they will give you options on how to fix it, and if you just have a handful of questions, they will answer them on the spot.


Apple stores also host classes on how to use their devices. This is probably the number one reason that I recommend Apple devices. If someone doesn’t feel very comfortable on the computer then they can take any number of classes for free at an Apple store to learn more.


Again, a lot of those services are free because you pay a hefty amount for their products. The same goes with their repairs—even if their consultation is free quite often the repairs will cost a significant amount of money. This is not because they are trying to twist the knife by any means, it’s because Apple products are made very well and to some exact specifications that makes opening them up incredibly difficult.


In a nutshell, if your budget allows you to buy an Apple product and you’re concerned about where you’ll take it, or who to ask if you have questions, go with Apple. If you’re curious, I have an iPhone and all my computers are Windows.


Like I mentioned earlier, if you compare specifications alone between two computers, almost always a Windows computer will be much cheaper. This comes at a cost though later down the road. Who do you take your computer to when you have an issue? After you buy a Windows computer, you are typically on your own to troubleshoot the problem. For someone like me, this isn’t really a problem; however, for most users, some software problems and most hardware problems may be over their heads.


So how do you find someone to help you out? You can start by asking friends and family who they take their devices to. For all you know there is a local computer shop that does a fantastic job at fixing computers.




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